Action "Happy New Year, Berdichev!"
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 14:14

This charity event aims to celebrate Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden with Berdychiv and the Zhytomyr district. In the role of fairy-tale characters are the volunteers from organizations "Voskresenya" and "Phoenix."

Do you feel lonely sometimes, feel that the world is indifferent to you, and that the people around you do not care for your fate? Or not? Few of us are familiar with such feelings, because we are happy and joyful, and we have friends and parents. We have nice clothes, jewelry, expensive mobile phones, cars and spend money on entertainment. At the same time, many orphaned children, disabled children and children from broken families do not have a chance at such a life. They wish they had. They dream about friends, about a big happy family, about big celebrations and, of course, about gifts. 

The tradition of welcoming and celebrating the New Year is indestructible. So we begin ours with an unbreakable tradition - to give present the New Year's warmth, attention and love to orphans, disabled children, children who are in the hospital and children who have been raised in dysfunctional families.

It’s New Year's! Every child is waiting for a gift under the tree. Children from disadvantaged families write letters to Santa Claus.  Even adults sometimes "beg" for a small gift. 
On this night, everyone should be happy- and for those who give gifts will receive a different type of give in return.